Newsletters provide a summary of Praja’s publications with major issues and suggested solutions for elected representatives, administration, CSOs and students.

Prajatantra Samvad 2023, Issue 02

Prajatantra Samvad 2023, Issue 01

Solid Waste Management: Journey from Trash to Energy, Case Studies from Praja’s Urban Governance Study (Part 3)

Decentralised Governance Practises in North-east India : Case Studies from Praja’s Urban Governance Study (Part 2)

Strengthening Urban Governance : Praja’s Collaboration with Government Institutions; Uttar Pradesh & Vasai-Virar

Equipping Patna's Elected Representatives : Highlights from Capacity Building Workshop

Unveiling Traditional ‘Citizen Participation’ Practises from North-Eastern India

Urban Governance Report on Key Findings from North - Eastern States

Prajatantra Samvad, Issue 03 : Grand Finale

Fiscal Empowerment of City Government- Provisional Phase II Report