Impact Stories

Praja’s continuous engagement with the local elected representatives and administration through capacity building, research and advocacy has had a positive impact on city governance.


Praja became a part of a committee formed by MoHUA & NITI Aayog for Urban Reforms

Acknowledging Praja’s Urban Governance Index study, the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs of India (MoHUA) and NITI Aayog (National Institution for Transforming India) approached Praja for our data towards discussion on the reform recommendations on Urban Governance in India. Moreover, MoHUA & NITI Aayog has formed a committee for Urban Reforms and Praja is now a part of that committee. This report was presented to the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India.


BMC decided to build 200 community toilets

With a strong advocacy mechanism and data-driven recommendations, Praja, with the support of Praja’s young fellows, initiated consultations, and workshops with various ERs to create awareness of these issues. It eventually resulted in increased their participation in committee meetings, quality and the number of questions asked. For e.g., An area in Mumbai known as Aarey, a land with forest cover has a major shortage of community toilet services for the citizens. More so, by providing support to our councillors with this data and drafting questions for them to raise in the ward committees, Praja urged them to actively deliberate and discuss solutions for the same. Praja’s efforts were successful, and BMC decided to build 200 community toilets in that area.


Fight the Bite Campaign

Praja report emphasised on the increasing trends in occurrences of diseases/ailments, particularly, malaria. BMC launched the ‘Fight the Bite' campaign resulting in a 126% decrease in the number of cases from 22,499 in 2012 to 9,959 in 2021. Number of registered cases and total number of deaths seem to be stabilising in last few years due to “Fight the Bite” campaign. Efforts need to be further to put in order to the eradicate Malaria. Goal 3 of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals emphasises to end epidemic of aids, tuberculosis, malaria, and neglected tropical diseases, combat hepatitis, water borne disease and other communicable disease.


Separated policing units 'Investigation and Law & Order

Praja actively advocated for two separate policing units 'Investigation and Law & Order' at the level of the police station. This policing reform would result in better investigation and conviction rates. Praja’s endeavours bore fruit in 2015 when the then DGP of Maharashtra, Mr Sanjeev Dayal issued an order to create units at the police stations.


Praja Report Card Top ranker became Mumbai’s Mayor

Kishori Pednekar, Praja's first ranker in Mumbai Councillor Report Card released in 2018 and second ranker in 2019 was elected Mumbai’s Mayor on 22nd November, 2019. She also participated in Praja's Elected Representatives Training Programme.


First 'Citizen Charter of Mumbai'

In 1999, Praja collaborated with Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) to make the first 'Citizen Charter of Mumbai'. In 2003, we developed a Citizen's Grievance Redressal Mechanism with BMC that is still active today and resolved 89,553 complaints in 2022, showcasing its significant impact in addressing citizens' concerns.